Transparency is important to us (as it should be to you), especially for a community driven project. We strive to keep you informed via telelgram, and by responding to emails.

We will be releasing transparency reports starting Monday on 1st. And doing periodic AMA's.

KP4R Governance and Supply.

Following in the footsteps of UNI(Uniswap), and YFI(Yearn Finance) we want the KP4R to be governed by the community. Based on potential needs of the platform the community should be able to decide if more are needed to properly incentivise the keeper network. Right now the governance of KP4R is centralized, being controlledby our team. However, we are in the process of compiling a secure governance contract which will allow KP4R holders directly to vote on minting and future governance.

Learn more about governance

KP4R Presale

DISCLAIMER: There is always risk involved with smart contracts, don't deposit more than you can afford to lose. Stay safe.

Currently (Sunday 00:00 [UTC]) we have raised 360 Ether from the token sale. For information about the presale see the dedicated documenation page. Your purchased KP4R tokens automatically staked in the contract until Wednesday November 4th when you can claim them.

Its important we tell you when the presale price changed, from what values and why:

If you purchased at a higher price, you account will be credited with the difference.

  • 0.13 ETH -> 0.05 ETH (Saturday 31st of October, reason: Community Feedback during AMA).

No other changes planned!

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